Clients & Testimonials about patent searches



Carrie Merzbacher - Patent Manager, Fortune 500 Company



As an Patent Manager with a Fortune 500 Company for 20 years, my loyalties lie with the personal relationships fostered In this industry, rather than the companies providing said services.  For that reason, I have followed Mark O’Donnell for a decade.  Mark has never failed me or my company in any request.  He’s quick, thorough and reasonably priced for a variety of patent services, including patent searches, landscape, invalidity and freedom to operate.  He’s assisted us with competitive intelligence, data analytics and assignee and assignment investigations.  Mark and his team have years of experience in the Intellectual Property space and I am very pleased to follow him as he hangs his own shingle with Oink Analytics.

Jim Shea - Senior Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations



 I am please to see that Mark has formed Oink Analytics. I have no doubt that Mark and his colleagues will add value to the IP industry. Mark O’Donnell has been a key partner in tracking emerging trends and innovating in the intellectual property space, both as a colleague in an IP-focused company and as a thought leader in subsequent years in keeping ahead of emerging trends. Working in the university research collaboration and IP space, my chief pain point is finding the optimal partners for emerging university and alumni technologies. Mark’s  deep engagement with emerging visualization and semantic technologies has always pointed the way for me in targeting new partners and markets.