Patent Landscape

Patent Search / Prior Art Search Services

We provide the best in class prior art searching: Patentability Search in support of patent prosecution; Invalidity Search in support of patent litigation, and Freedom to Operate in support of product development and marketing. 

Patent Valuation and Patent Scoring

Patent Portfolio Valuation

Identify and quantify your strategic assets while pruning costly low value assets. Oink Analytics' proprietary intellectual property analysis and scoring algorithms take into account the intrinsic value of your patents as well as the mark-to-market data from leading patent brokerages. Maintaining your portfolio's health with premium assets will prepare you defensively and offensively for potential patent litigation.

Patent Due Diligence

EoU & Claim Charting

 Evidence of Use (EoU) analysis is conducted in the interest of patent owners, buyers, and investors to identify potentially infringing products on the market. An EoU analysis results in a set of claim charts that help patent owners identify likely infringement vs. potential infringement. Assessing claim-scope is a critical part of this process, e.g., what the claims cover with respect to commercialization and licencing. This comes into play down the road if litigation occurs and damages need to be estimated.