Patent Analysis - Technology Areas

Oculus Virtual Reality

Cloud Computing

Patent search an technology experience in areas related to the cloud computing stack (Saas, PaaS, IaaS), cloud networking, managed clouds, cloud monitoring, cloud security, IoT networks, networks of devices, and cloud applications. 


 Patent search an analysis experience in analyzing patents and business information related to telecommunications and telecommunication standards, in technology areas such as MPLS QoS, IP QoS, Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), Autonomous Systems (AS), Service Provisioning, Optical Networks, Packet Optical, SONET/SDH, 3G, 4G, 5G.

Electronics and Microelectronic Circuits (ICs)

Microelectronic device function, microelectronic circuit design, physical electronics of semiconductor junction and MOS devices, relationships between electrical behavior to internal physical processes, circuit models and applications, understanding of bipolar and field effect transistor circuits, , single-ended and differential linear amplifiers, and other integrated circuits.

Displays, Optical Systems, Illumination Systems

Patent search and practical engineering experience in technology areas such as: artificial Intelligence/machine learning enabled display systems, AR/VR HMD Displays, automotive displays, flexible displays, writing surfaces, electronic signage, wearables, television, including MicroLED, OLED, AMOLED, VSELs, and optical systems: light guides, gratings, polarizes, combiners.

Imaging Systems

Patent search and engineering expertise in technology areas such as medical imaging, upstream oil & gas, aerospace, industrial inspection, science & research, ITS & traffic, surveillance, and industrial inspection.

IoT and Smart Devices

Patent search and technology experience in IoT technology areas related to retail, healthcare, industrial, and supply chain (food, pharmaceuticals, and medical diagnostic HIS); in support of patent prosecution, and patent validity assessments. 

AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing

Patent search and technology experience experience in AI, ML, and NLP technology areas related to: voice assistants, capsule networks, industrial robotics, medical diagnostics, AI-enabled chips, IoT edge devices, framework interoperability; in support of prefiling patent prosecution.

Medical Device Freedom to Operate

Connected Car, Smart City, Telemetry , Collision Avoidance

Patent search and analysis experience in providing competitive intelligence insight into technology areas in the connected car market, including services, safety & security, in-care intelligence and assistance, autonomous features, infrastructure telemetry / connected city, collision avoidance, navigation, and and on-board sensors.


Patent search in support of patent prosecution. Our analysts have experience of various aerospace technology areas , including but not limited to commercial drone technology, VTOL, advanced materials, propulsion technologies, airframe structural health monitoring, 3D printing, and blockchain applications in factory automation.

Dental Technologies

Experience search and analyzing patents in the area of dental appliances, materials, aligners, planning software,  modeling, 3D imaging and measurement, confocal optical imaging systems,  processing of intraoral images, intraoral scanners.

Medical Devices & Implant Technologies

Patent search experience in supporting patent prosecution and freedom to operate opinions, covering technology areas such as intraocular lens implants (IOL), spinal implants and access methods, total knee replacement (TKR), total hip replacement (THR), lubricious materials, bone growth materials, ocular implants, cochlear implants and electrode stimulation, catheter systems, endoscopic surgical tools, artificial heart valves, and more. 

Software & Business Methods

Patent search and experience in software technology areas related to security, user access, and authentication, as applied to transactions in product sales and banking; in support of p refiling patent prosecution, and patent validity assessment.

Energy (Upstream Oil & Gas, Green Technologies)

Patent search supporting patent prosecution - including patentability and freedom to operate search in technology areas, e.g., downlink telemetry, subsurface fluid sampling, well completion, determination of reservoir permeability, quantification of reservoir connectivity, drilling system vibration modelling, machine learning control of drilling systems, determining properties of reservoirs from geophysical data, processing seismic data, application of full and partial inversion.