Patent Value Assessments

Patent Portfolio Valuation and Patent Portfolio Scoring

 Whether your goal is to assess transaction probability in asset sales or licencing, or better manage your patent portfolio's defensive position, developing a measurable benchmark based on patent scores and empirical brokerage mark-to-market transaction data is essential to understanding your portfolio's legal and market strength. Patent strength determination is a complex multivariate problem. Oink Analytics simplifies that.

Our team will accurately parse your portfolio into technology segments aligned to your technology platforms and products, then characterize each portfolio using our 5 point scoring system: Intrinsic Quality, Opposition Resistance, Offensive Strength, Maturity, and Market Pull.

We are unique in the industry because we spend a lot of time focusing on external factors that influence patent value. This can be seen in our 'Market Pull' metric which takes into account multiple factors, such as, industry interest in the technology of the portfolio, brokerage interest and success with the technology, as well as commercialization potential.

Dozens of computations and pre-analytics support each metric which ultimately culminates in a composite score for each segment that comprises your overall patent portfolio.