Patent Prosecution & Litigation Search Services

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Patent Search Services

Prefiling Patentability Search

Patentability Search

Thorough patentability search search directed at worldwide patent literature and non-patent literature with consideration for novelty and non-obviousness. Pinpoint citations provided. This search is intended to support patent prosecution attorneys at the prefiling stage.

~ US based searchers - ITAR Compliant. 

~ Delivery in 3 - 5 calendar days.

Triage Search (ideation/novelty)

Inventor Patent Search

Early stage patentability search search to check for prior art at the 102 (novelty) level.  This service is ideal for vetting large numbers of inbound inventions for prior to invention review meetings. 

~ US based searchers - ITAR Compliant.  

~ Delivery in 1 to 3 calendar days.

Invalidity Search

Patent Invalidity

Thorough prior art searches to support of patent litigation or pending litigation, directed at patent and non-patent prior art, beginning with a review of the patent file history. Claim charts are painstakingly detailed and mapped at the claim-limitation level.  Searches cover unique non-patent literature sources. Claim charts, search strategies, copies of prior art references provided. 

~ US based searchers - ITAR Compliant.  

~ 5 calendar days.

Freedom to Operate/Clearance Search

Freedom to Operate, Right to Use, Freedom to Practice

For patent prosecution attorneys that also handle Freedom to Operate opinions for their clients, we perform thorough search and analysis of the claims of third-party in-force patent literature based on product features described in technology disclosures. Search reports consist of a list of the most relevant patents, key fields, and no commentary. Color coding of results based on product features.. 

~ US based searchers - ITAR Compliant.  

~ 5 calendar days.

Competitive Intelligence Landscapes

Patent Landscape, Technology Landscape, Competitive Intelligence Landscape

Patent search and analysis focused on specific technology/product areas that are important to your patent prosecution and portfolio acquisition strategies. Analysis performed using state of the art proprietary methods and reports containing business-friendly visualizations that allow findings and conclusions to be quickly and effectively communicated to the stakeholders in your organization. Project scope, focus, and topic taxonomies are  carefully defined at the proposal stage.  US based searchers - ITAR Compliant.  

Options are limitless and may include:

  • Technology Portfolio-Product Portfolio Competitive Mapping (TPCM)
  • Freedom to Operate Risk Profiling
  • Portfolio Acquisition Targeting 
  • Claim gap analysis
  • (and more)

Evidence of Use Analysis (Claim Charts)

Claim Charts, Evidence of Use, Infringement Search

Sophisticated claims charts based on detailed investigation of products and services, that point to support from the patent’s written specification to bolster an interpretation of claim terms, to demonstrate actual infringement of each claim element with examination of possible interpretations of the claim in preparation for patent litigation.