Evidence of Use Analysis


What is Evidence of Use (EoU)?

Evidence of Use (EoU) analysis is conducted in the interest of patent owners, buyers, and investors to identify potentially infringing products on the market. An EoU analysis results in a set of claim charts that help patent owners identify likely infringement vs. potential infringement. Assessing claim-scope is a critical part of this process, e.g., what the claims cover with respect to commercialization and licencing. This comes into play down the road if litigation occurs and damages need to be estimated.

Can Evidence of Use Analysis Increase the Value of My Patent Portfolio?

Yes. Whatever your intellectual property management goals may be (defensive, commercialization, or assertion), routine monitoring of the market for potential infringement, and maintaining a set of infringement-indicative claim charts will serve to increase the marketability and transaction probability of your patent portfolio. The first question that most buy-side parties will ask is: "do your patent assets have claim charts/evidence of use?"

Why is Oink Analytics your best choice for EoU?

Our analysts have years of experience serving the patent brokerage community and corporations,with high quality evidence of use claim charts. Our analysts have practiced engineering and product development in their respective disciplines prior to developing their expertise in patent analysis. This results in a unique skill set and perspective when it comes to knowing where to look for infringement, and how to interpret claim limitations and their best mappings to product features and services. 

Our Process

~ Review of patent subject matter and thorough read of patent and claims

~ Review prosecution and litigation history

~ Construction of product/services investigation strategy 

~ Construction of detailed claim charts

~ Researching and providing estimated market revenues and proportions based on claim scope and  

   published revenue information of the potentially infringing products