About Us

Technical Experience


Our team is comprised of Engineers with industry experience in their respective disciplines. Each analyst has over a decade of patent and business analysis experience, in addition to engineering experience. This combination gives each analyst a unique first-person perspective on the clients they typically serve.

High ROI


Using the best in class databases, analytics tools, machine learning technologies, text analytics, and various state of the art APIs, we can apply a lot of horsepower to any project. This provides clients with more valuable insight into their intellectual property interests and less "tinkering around" for their investment. We provide concise findings and conclusions, being mindful that our clients pay for answers and not the path to get to the answers.

Coloring Outside The Lines


Our agile use of technology allows us to step outside the confines of commercial patent analysis tools (designed for the masses).  We leverage our ability to bridge disparate data sources to extract insights and make predictions. We employ the use of raw data sources, and SQL, Python, statistics libraries, math libraries, and visualization libraries to extract information and augment commercial methods. We have the freedom to analyze any way we please.


Mark O'Donnell - CEO & Managing Director


Mark is currently the CEO and Managing Director of Oink Analytics, LLC. His 20+ year career includes Vice President of Search and Analytics at MaxVal Group Inc, and Vice President and Founder of IP.com's Patent Research Services.  Mark's early career in engineering includes Risk Analysis Enterprise Solutions Architect for the US Customs and Border Protection's e-Modernization Program, Sr. Imaging Scientist at the Xerox Corporation, and Optical Engineer at the Eastman Kodak Company. Mark is a hands-on manager and contributes to Oink's search an analytics team as well as software development.

Angel Borrelli - Director of Operations


Angel is currently Director of Operations at Oink Analytics, LLC. She brings over 20+ years of experience from the Intellectual Property Research industry to Oink, covering Client Engagement, Customer Service Management, Contract Management, Vendor Relationships, and Human Resource management.